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Peer endorsements are used to drive display results and promote exceptional work.


Designers champion the work of others by giving their token and an endorsement to one of their peers.


Interconnected directory  that builds social networks and fosters goodwill and collaboration.

Uprysing.com is a collaborative platform where intellectual property owners enter their work while simultaneously endorsing their peers on the site. The peer endorsement is used to drive display results, promote quality, build social networks and foster collaboration.

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Building a creative cluster

It’s estimated that at the beginning of the 21st century, the creative class represented almost one-third of the workforce in the United States of America and that the creative sector accounted for nearly half of all wage and salary income in this country, about $1.7 trillion, as much as the manufacturing and service sectors combined.

A distinctive feature of creative enterprises is that they thrive in one another’s company. Whether they are artists in the East End of London, film makers in Bollywood, fashion designers in Milan or animators in Seoul, creative enterprises gather together in visible hot spots which, when fully established, become self-sustaining clusters of creative activity. This happens at every level, from the media center in a small town to global centers such as Hollywood.

• proximity sharpens competition and drives up standards
• proximity encourages collaboration and diffusion of good practice between firms
• a sophisticated local market can develop around a cluster, stimulating innovation and improving marketing;
• clusters can develop place-based branding, benefiting all firms in the cluster
• proximity enables small companies to band together into alliances and networks, giving them some of the advantages of larger ones
• clusters become a focus and a magnet for outside investment.

SOURCE: United Nations Report on the Creative Economy